NABA Twin Cities Membership

NABA’s membership is diverse and includes individuals serving in accounting, finance, marketing, tax, consulting and information technology positions. Experience levels range from entrepreneurs, senior executives to staff accountants, providing a unique environment for both leadership and development. Our members may be transplants from other cities or Minnesota born-and-raised but we are one NABA family.

What’s in it for you?

NABA offers an abundant array of professional networking, educational, volunteering, mentoring, and leadership opportunities. NABA advances its members’ interests at each level of the career cycle, from aspiring students to seasoned industry leaders and executives.

  • Our membership programs serve and support local and national organizations, working professionals, undergraduate and graduate students. The Association has more than 200 chapters and 100 member firms nationwide.
  • Our network of professional members consists of individuals working in business-related fields including accounting, finance, marketing, tax, consulting, and information technology. Professional members participate in programs that advance their personal and career development.
  • Our student members include scholars pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees in business related disciplines. Student members receive academic scholarships, career counseling, mentoring, and opportunities for internships and entry-level job placements.
  • We support our sponsors’ recruitment, retention and rank promotion initiatives directed toward diverse professionals and minorities, particularly women.

Our local chapter membership is growing strong, as we positively impact our members and community.  Our chapter programs and events are designed based on the interests, feedback and aspirations of our members, corporate and community partners.  Each program, event or publication is purposely crafted and implemented to achieve one or more of the following five goals:

  • Invest in You (e.g. Educational sessions with CPE credits, GRE/MBA prep)
  • Invest in our Future (e.g. college/high school scholarships, student conferences)
  • Differentiate You (e.g. leadership development, professional certifications, public speaking)
  • Connect Us (e.g. professional networking events, exclusive recruiting/job referrals)
  • Lift as we Climb (e.g. community volunteering, mentorship events)
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Making a Difference

Within the last eight years NABA Minneapolis/St Paul has awarded more than $60,000 in scholarships to exceptional high school and college students preparing to enter the business field. Join our organization by becoming an exclusive member today.
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How to become a member


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How To Apply

  • Step 1: Complete membership application
    To join NABA, Inc. and our Twin Cities Chapter, please complete the membership application here.
  • Step 2: Pay membership dues
    Registered members pay annual membership dues based on membership category. The dues contribute to supporting the national and local chapters administratively and to provide quality services to our members. Pay dues here.
  • Step 3: Participation/Renewal
    Get the most value out of your membership! Stay involved, attend local/national events, read the NABA Matters newsletters, become a board executive, volunteer for community service initiatives. Renew your membership for exclusive opportunities.