Our Chapter History

Our national organization, the National Association of Black Accountants (NABA, Inc.) was established in 1969. The NABA Twin Cities chapter has been in existence since the 1980s. Our local chapter would not be in existence without the vision and leadership of the following founders:

  • Jerry Lee (first chapter President)
  • Robert Colbert
  • Barry Rogers
  • LaCretia Bell (first female President)
  • Larry Spears

Over the last 20 years, our organization has evolved to provide avenues, through which our members can develop leadership skills, give back to the community, mentor others and build a meaningful network of like-minded professionals and friends.

Currently, the Twin Cities Chapter boasts a membership of over 100 professional and student members. Numerous programs have been developed over the years, including the Accounting Career Awareness Program (ACAP), Corporate Sponsors Breakfast and Student Scholarship Silent Auction Fundraiser.

In addition to local events, the chapter has played an active role at the national and regional levels by holding executive positions for the central region, planning the Central Region Student Conferences, and participating in the National Executive Council meetings.

The mission of NABA Inc. is to address the professional needs of its members, including providing avenues for member growth, development, and professional advancement in the accounting, finance and general management professions.
NABA is dedicated to uniting business professionals, as well as accounting and business students, who are committed to professional and academic excellence. NABA provides effective programs, activities and advocacy, which promotes our goals. They include:

  • Promoting and developing the professional skills of its members
  • Encouraging and assisting minority students in entering business-related professions
  • Promoting public confidence in its members and the services they provide
  • Encouraging cordial relations among members and cooperative relationships with other professionals
  • Representing the interests of current and prospective business professionals
  • Ensuring long-term financial stability and providing adequate resources to implement chapter, regional, and national programs
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Our Leadership Team

Godson Sowah
Godson SowahPresident
Godson is a senior manager in the Advisory services practice of Ernst & Young LLP. He has been a member of NABA for over six years. He also sits on the Executive Board of Directors for the north Minneapolis based non-profit, Avenues for Homeless Youth.

What does NABA mean to me?

“I just love the sense of purpose and passion that I see in the folks that join NABA. My experience with NABA has turned out to be a splendid investment in my professional growth, personal leadership and making a difference in our local communities. No matter when you join NABA or how long you stay, the NABA experience lasts a life time.”

My life’s mantra: Go the extra mile. It’s less crowded there!

Latricia Flowers
Latricia Flowers1st Vice President
Latricia is a senior auditor in the Internal Audit Services group at Wells Fargo & Company. She has been a member of NABA for over five years.

What does NABA mean to me?

“NABA provides an opportunity give back to the community and to raise awareness of the accounting/auditing profession. I enjoy working on projects such as the Accounting Career Awareness Program where we expose high school students to the many career paths available to Accounting and Finance majors.The profession is so broad and there are many career paths. Exposing minority students to career choices that they didn’t otherwise know existed, is very fulfilling.”

My life’s mantra: There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, luck, and learning from failure.

Orlando Bryant
Orlando Bryant2nd Vice President
Orlando is a manager in the Forensic Technology & Discovery Services at Ernst & Young, LLP. He has been a member of NABA for over four years.

What does NABA mean to me?

“To me NABA gives me the opportunity to connect with students and professionals of color to help them learn more about the corporate business world. I didn’t get to where I am by myself, I received help along the way and being apart of NABA allows me to give back, help students and professionals with their journeys.”

My life’s mantra: Live life to the fullest.

Angelica Enwesi-Imhoede
Angelica Enwesi-ImhoedeTreasurer
Angelica is a senior consultant at Protiviti. She has been a member of NABA for over four years.

What does NABA mean to me?

“NABA means helping people. I’m a strong believer in the motto ‘Lifting as You Climb’.”

My life’s mantra: “To whom much is given much is expected. I base my life on helping others because I have been afforded opportunities by the people who have helped me. What inspires me and encourages me is by getting head I can help someone else get a head in life.

Ashlee Malet
Ashlee MaletSecretary
Ashlee is an operational accountant at Cargill,Inc. She has been a member of NABA for over five years.

What does NABA mean to me?

“NABA is about opening doors and giving the next person a chance. A chance to explore his or her passion; make a difference in the community; and experience family away from home. Through NABA, I was given a chance five years ago and I have not looked back.”

My life’s mantra:“ My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style – Maya Angelou “

Benjamin (BJ) Coleman
Benjamin (BJ) ColemanVice Secretary
BJ is Risk Assurance Senior Associate at PwC, LLP. He has been a member of NABA for over two years.

What does NABA mean to me?

“NABA to me means creating opportunity for other people within our profession. NABA allows us to continue to build a strong network of minority professionals, instill self-worth, confidence and provide a path forward for the collective minority community at a national and global scale in the world of accounting and finance.”

My life’s mantra: “No one can stop or define you.”